Take Action – Reduce Future Losses

Before a Disaster

  • Reducing long term risk requires communities to take action.  Hazard Mitigation is sustained effort to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from hazards.
  • Communities should incorporate sustainable development concepts into their construction efforts and encourage natural solutions as well as structural measures to reduce risks.
  • Residents can reduce personal risk by elevating homes or relocating. Financial losses due to flooding can be reduced with flood insurance.
  • Sharing risk information with families and neighbors is everyone’s role and helps build stronger communities.
  • A range of potential actions for reducing risk from natural hazards and disasters is available through FEMA’s Mitigation Ideas – A Resource for Reducing Risk To Natural Hazards.

After a Disaster

  •  Now is the time to rebuild safer and stronger.
  • Before starting repairs, talk to you local floodplain administrator.  A development permit may be required and new rules may apply when rebuilding your home if it was damaged more than 50%.
  • There are building techniques and steps that homeowners can take when rebuilding to reduce their risk of loss in future events.
  • Visit FEMA’s Building Science Page to learn ways to reduce your risk from natural hazards at https://www.fema.gov/building-science.